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How subsidiary sites work for reporters

  • Subsidiary sites must be completely set up so that reporters can choose which office they want to investigate their case.

How to report a case to a company with subsidiary sites

  1. Go to your company's web portal URL or visit https://portal.speeki.com and enter your entity name.
  2. Continue as Guest or Login using your registered account.
  3. Click START NEW REPORT or click the icon in the upper right corner to create a report.
  4. You will be redirected to the Select business unit screen.
  5. Select your business unit, and then select the office you want to investigate your case - HEADQUARTERS is for your entity's parent company and LOCAL OFFICE is the subsidiary site set up by your company based on the business unit you selected. 
  6. Click CONTINUE.
You can now continue making your report.

You can also check out the steps on the videos below.

Web Portal

Mobile App