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How to access and answer surveys

This article covers how to see the list of surveys available to you and how to answer a survey

There are three ways you can access a survey: 

  • by selecting Survey from the home page then selecting a survey from the survey list
  • by selecting Survey from the header then selecting a survey from the survey list
  • by selecting the survey from your notifications

Accessing the survey list

You can access the survey list by selecting on the Survey block from the home page or clicking on Survey from the header. 


The survey list shows all surveys that you can participate in with details on their end dates. An end date is the last date that you can answer a survey. 


Answering a survey

To respond to a survey, click on an active survey from the survey list or access the survey directly from a notification.


The name and description of the survey will be at the top of the form, followed by its questions.




You can answer the survey by selecting options or providing information, depending on the question type. 



To submit your survey responses, answer all of the required questions and then click SUBMIT.

If your response submission is successful, it will take you to a ‘Thank You!’ page. Click GO BACK TO SURVEY LIST to go back to the ‘Survey’ page.