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How to configure business unit reports for subsidiary sites

Before submitting a new report, the reporter must select a business unit. To send reports for specified business units to particular subsidiaries, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Case Manager (https://app.speeki.com) and login as admin.
  2. Click the configuration icon Configuration icon in the sidebar menu, then click the Subsidiary sites tab.
  3. Click Mapping reporting subsidiary in the menu on the left panel.
    Mapping reporting subsidiary
  4. Click the + ADD NEW button to open the Mapping reporting subsidiary screen.
  5. Select the Subsidiary site name that you want to map the business unit(s) to, and then select each Business unit that you want to map to the selected subsidiary.
    Map business unit/s to Subsidiary site
  6. Click SAVE.
  7. You have now set up a reporting subsidiary!
  8. To delete a reporting subsidiary mapping, select the group and click Delete reporting groups.
  9. To edit an existing subsidiary mapping, click Edit icon, make the required changes and press SAVE.
    Delete reporting subsidiary groups

Watch the below video to see how to set up, delete and edit subsidiary mappings.